Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rent House Revamp

Are you ready for some "after" pictures of the rent house? You're in luck! First, though, I want to announce some exciting news. Our wonderful tenants, let's call them The M's, are moving out. Why is this exciting? Well, after living in our rent house for a year and a half and experiencing the awesome community, The M's decided to buy a house in the neighborhood. I'm happy to report that they closed on their new home yesterday which is just a few streets away from our rent house! I was lucky enough to be their Realtor, and I'm thrilled that they're now "official" members of the 'hood! 

What this means for us: we're looking for new tenants. If you know someone looking for a home in north Austin and think this might be a good fit, give me a shout!

So, back to the rent house. In case you missed it, go back and check out my initial tour of the rent house. It features the... unique... paint choices the previous owners made, as well as a fun account of all 8 of the flooring types in the house. A couple of months ago, we did a mini kitchen makeover and nixed the purplish-brown laminate counters in favor of some fresh quartz ones. 

As I mentioned in the first tour post, the interior has been painted. More specifically, The M's moved in and said "holy bananas this place looks weird, please let us paint?!" Although they were a little more polite about it :) We excitedly said yes, and after meeting to go over paint choices, I was relieved that they had very neutral, modern taste. Other than the paint and the kitchen, everything is the same, yet the place feels totally different. It's always a fun reminder how much paint can freshen a place up--remember when we painted our condo?

Ok, enough typing... are you ready for some pictures? 

The front is more or less the same. I've always loved the tree--it feels so nicely placed and shades the whole yard.

Ahh, no more grellow walls!

As I mentioned in my previous post, The M's are using this side of the living room as their dining room, which I think works really nicely. That opens up the formal dining room to be used for something else--a playroom for kiddos, in their case, or an office/craft space. Our previous tenants used this spot as more of a sitting area.

I'm tempted to start every sentence with "ahhh," but I'm going to try and refrain and use some other vocabulary words. I know you've already seen the kitchen, but doesn't it look so much better now?

So fresh and bright!

The eat-in kitchen is also appreciating a neutral color on the walls.  

Hello, laundry room.

Here's the space that the previous tenants used as an office. I've always thought the painted concrete was a strange choice, but I think it goes much better with this wall color than it did with the grellow.

And here's the adjacent room, which our old tenants used as their dining room.

The master bedroom is downstairs, which I'm learning a lot of parents prefer. I'm still not totally sure why this is, but it works for us!

The floors in the bathroom feel a little less clashy now that the walls aren't a competing shade of green.

Remember this room? The one with navy blue doors and trim? Well, no longer!

The bathroom upstairs is also much quieter :)

And now for the room with green walls, yellow doors, and alternating yellow and white trim... muuuuch better. See how big this room is? That's four beds and things don't feel claustrophobic, and there's tons of floorspace to spare.

Lastly, the yard. I love that it's just so open and green. I know that a very typical expectation of a back yard, but this one makes me excited for whatever reason.

So! What do you think? Do you know someone who would enjoy living here? Send them my way!

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