About Claire

Where shall we begin? I'm known for bringing a high level of intensity to anything I'm committed to, my constant overuse of Excel spreadsheets, taking more pictures than anyone wants to smile for, my love of all things DIY, and a strong dedication to helping my coaching clients create businesses worth owning and lives worth living.

If I could choose 10 things to eliminate from this world, in no particular order, they would be: disorganization, inefficiency, animal cruelty, scary movies, high heels, one-lane overpasses, ham sandwiches, tardiness, the noise car blinkers make, and ever having more than one email in my inbox.

My husband, John, and I grew up in the same neighborhood and started dating while we were in high school. After graduating, I decided to go away to college at Tulane while he stayed here in Austin, which meant 4 (seemingly never-ending) years of long distance. Living in another city--especially one as exciting as New Orleans--was an amazing experience, and we're thankful to be back in the same place for good! John does marketing for his family's local BBQ restaurants, Pok-e-Jo's, and I'm in love with my job as a Productivity Coach at Keller Williams!

John popped the question the night before Christmas Eve of 2011 at the Zilker Tree, and through lots of tears, I said yes. If you're interested in his hour-by-hour account of the proposal you can check it out here. Brace yourself, it's suspenseful. We got married on March 30th, 2013 at Star Hill Ranch. True to form, it was a DIY wedding that had lots of personal touches (you can check out everything I made here and a recap of the big day here).

John is pretty easy to figure out: he loves sports, puppies, and me (haha). But really, that just about sums it up. As you may have noticed from the picture, he's an entire head taller than I am at 6'4" (or 6'5" on a good day). It's hard finding pants that are long enough for his legs, and I love him just the same.

After returning from our long-overdue honeymoon in Hawaii, we adopted the sweetest, most lovable little pooch (for cute-overload, click here). Bringing Sweet Olive into our home has upped the the love and laughter we experience each day. She is a gorgeous, well-manered, quirky little girl and we are so thankful that we are her forever home!

This blog is a smorgasbord of transforming our first place, wedding preparations, and "adulting"... welcome!

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