How We Bought

John and I thought for a while that we'd live in our investment home that's also in the neighborhood we grew up in. The more we thought about it though, 2,300 square feet felt like far too much space, and the large yard only added too our worry that we would spend all too much of our time maintaing/cleaning/landscaping.

So, we started condo-hunting in April of 2012 with the intention of educating ourselves on what was out there. I wasn't yet a realtor, so our agent took us around and we quickly learned that much of what was available wasn't going to suit our needs, as many of the complexes were apartments converted to condos which didn't have the feeling we were looking for. After viewing a dozen or so properties, one big thing we decided was that we didn't want to have to go up stairs to get to our front door, and we also didn't want to live under someone and risk hearing them walking around.

Enter: the perfect condos.

Gated community? check. Garage? check. Neighborhood feel? check. First floor entry? check. No one living above us? check. Yard yet no yard work? check. Back yard? check. Pool? bonus. The complex was like it's own little neighborhood.

There were two units we saw, one that needed a lot of fixing up, and one that was totally move-in ready. We were planning on putting a good amount of our savings plus generous gifts from my grandparents and John's grandparents into our down payment. This wouldn't leave us with much to use for renovations, so we were leery of getting a fixer-upper. The move-in ready unit was wonderful. Updated kitchen, fenced in back yard with nice landscaping, new floors, etc.

At this point, it was pretty clear to us this was the complex we wanted to end up in, but being nearly a year away from being married, we planned to re-vistit condo hunting later on. At the end of May we went to see some more condos to make sure there weren't any other complexes we'd consider. As it turned out, this was the only spot that felt right.

At the end of the day we went back to our favorite complex to visit the move-in ready condo once more. We decided to submit an offer, and after some back and forth and a few sleepless nights, we were under contract!

Things ended up getting pushed back by about a month and a half due to a long series of speed bumps, which actually worked out for the best for everyone. We closed on October 10th and I got this text from John's wonderful grandparents:

Well, homeowner on 10-10, next married on 3-30, way too cool, congrats are in order!!!! 
Love to the happy homeowners, Grandad & Gran.

Here are the most current pictures of the house, and here's a fairly up-to-date post showing before and afters.

If you're curious about your ability to buy a home, I would love to chat with you! After purchasing our condo as well as an investment property, I decided I loved the process and wanted to become a realtor myself. Read more about how I help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals here.

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