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April 2016
Swing & Miss

February 2016
Flying South(ern California) for the Winter
Our vacation to San Diego

September 2015
Oh, Adulthood
On being an adult

May 2015
Installing a screen door to our back porch

February 2015
Our vacation to San Francisco

January 2015
DIY earrings with gold wire, coin pearls, and mint beads

A recap of our first year with our dog, Olive

November 2014
Removing old and installing new toilets (yuck!)

October 2014
After pictures of our rent house

September 2014
Remodeling the rent house kitchen with new quartz counters and a mosaic tile backsplash.

August 2014
A tour of the rental property my dad and I own, circa 2011 when we bought it.

July 2014
An introduction to the home we plan to move into at some point in the future

June 2014
Hanging a new light fixture in our dining room.

May 2014
We threw Sweet Olive a birthday party and had lots of friends (both human and canine) over to celebrate!

DIY earrings made with metal clay, fired in a kiln to make sterling silver 

Making a DIY invitation in Photoshop for Olive's birthday party 

April 2014
Read about three reasons I'm proud to be a part of the KW family: our culture, our education, and our support.

Our trip to Fort Myers, FL to visit family and my mother's childhood home.

The Austin Board of Realtors will no longer syndicate MLS listings to prominent websites such as Trulia and Zillow. Thanks to Keller Williams, my listings will still be syndicated, ensuring maximum exposure for my clients.

March 2014
An update on Sweet Olive and what her lazy days look like

February 2014
An update on how Sweet Olive is settling into life in the Bohne household.

Installing a stair runner to make the steps easier for Sweet Olive to navigate

Sewing a crate cover for Olive's house

January 2014
Recipes for Gruyere Scalloped Potatoes and for Baked Dijon Mac & Cheese.

DIY fabric bow tie for our dog.

The story of adopting our little dog, Sweet Olive, from a local rescue.

Our long-overdue honeymoon to Kauai and Oahu

December 2013
Setting up our Christmas tree and other holiday decorations.

DIY individual frozen cookies wrapped up for the holidays.

DIY gold-wrapped crystal earrings.

Christmas recap and DIY watercolor home portraits.

November 2013
Making chicken fried rice in a dutch oven.

October 2013
Hanging 25 frames of people and things we love in our master bedroom.

Hanging art in our bedroom, loft, and kitchen.

Adding a mirror, console table, and framed vintage postcards to our entryway.

How to make a DIY BBQ invitation in Photoshop.

Hanging curtains in our living room, dining room, & loft.

Before & after pictures for each room of the house.

September 2013
DIY inspiration board.

Hanging plates and frames in the living room.

Recipes for Chicken Enchiladas Cremas Verdes and Lemon Icebox Pie.

A list of my favorite fonts & how I've used them.

August 2013
Taming the wild plants in our back yard and trying to not kill them in the process!

Celebrating 7 years with my favorite guy.

Saffron chicken & rice recipe.

July 2013
Hanging canvases on the living room wall.

I am a realtor with Keller Williams and would love to help you buy or sell in the greater Austin area!

June 2013
Pictures from our wedding and all of the DIY projects I did for it.

We travel to NYC on the annual Bohne family trip!

Refinishing brass knobs to look like nickel.

May 2013
Rehanging our old kitchen cabinets in the garage for added storage and refinishing an old stool.

Labeling our circuit breaker and organizing all of my tools.

Looking at more than one room at a time to get a little perspective on our floorplan.

Hanging up my recipe art and assembling our patio furniture.

April 2013
Modifying a premade shoe rack into a shoe rack/laundry shelf.

Recovering an outdated couch.

DIY 108" curtain panels.

DIY earring stand.

Reupholstering a vanity stool and swapping out the knobs.

March 2013
DIY wedding directions sign.

Installing our backsplash.

Repainting a $5 garage sale mirror for the half bath.

Cutting, painting, and hanging custom, open kitchen shelves and hanging a vent hood.

DIY wedding hanger.

Adding the final accessorizing touches to our house.

Installing under-shelf lights, re-caulking the kitchen sink, hanging coffee mug hooks under the kitchen shelves, and using grout caulk to fill in backsplash gaps.

A DIY custom fit utensil tray.

DIY chalkboard wedding menu.

Before and after pictures of each room in our house.

February 2013
On a Roll
The painting is finished!

Spicket is Not a Word
Replacing and fixing our exterior water spigots.

Oh So Soft
Installing new carpet.

Silver Lining
Spray painting a brass light fixture nickel.

Some Sweet Signage
A DIY burlap family banner for my wedding.

The first pieces of furniture we've moved in.

DIY wedding programs.

January 2013
Drippity Drip
Replacing our kitchen and bathroom faucets.

Renewing a secondhand workbench.

Freshening up our antique buffet.

Removing our kitchen backsplash.

Replacing our bathroom light fixtures.

Meeting the only famous people I care about: John & Sherry Petersik of Young House Love.

Sherry says they "heart heart heart" the DIY watercolor painting of Austin I gave them!

Neutralizing the Candy Corn
Replacing our kitchen's candy corn-esque pendant light.

Chipping Away
Kitchen, bathroom, and entryway tile demo.

Laid Out
Laying new kitchen, bathroom, and entryway tile.

Converting our bathroom door into a pocket door.

Very Handy Indeed
My handyman moves our dining room light fixture, removes our two-story high entryway light fixture so I can repaint it, reinstalled drywall where our kitchen backsplash will go, added a third light switch to operate the under-shelf lights, added two light fixtures in the garage for extra lighting, and installed custom shelving in the garage for storage.

Now You See It, Now You Don't
Using invisible ink on wedding reply cards so you know who the card came from.

Framed In
Framing a builder-grade mirror.

A Fresh Coat
Painting the walls, trim, and cabinets in our house.

December 2012
Hello Homeownership!
We finally get the keys to our condo!

Brassy to Brushed
Switching out dated brass door handles for nickel ones.

Replacing and rewiring light switches.

Color Me Pretty
Choosing our paint colors.

Quick Fixes
House maintenance: recaulking the tub, insulating the attic, rehanging the shower rod, replacing the AC filter, the fridge's water filter, the vent hood's filter, the door stoppers, and the smoke detector batteries.

Boom Go the Cabinets
Removing our kitchen cabinets.

Planning for our open kitchen shelves.

So Fresh and So Clean
Power washing our entryway, driveway, and back patio.

Decisions Decisions
Choosing tile, reupholstery fabric, and carpet.

November 2012
Very Etchy
DIY etched glass canisters for our counter.

Something Blue
DIY pearl and chalcedony earrings for my wedding.

Recipe Art
DIY recipes turned into framable art.

A Clear Case
DIY interchangeable iPhone case. 

October 2012
Can't Get Enough Teal
A DIY beaded necklace.

Starting My Stamp Collection
A DIY Christmas stamp.

Pumpkin Eats Pumpkin
An evil pumpkin-eating-pumpkin for Halloween.

Very Stately
An antique chair I got at an estate sale.

Working on our floor plan.

September 2012
Inch by Inch
Our condo's floorplan.

Ring Me Up!
A DIY painted ceramic ring stand.

My Pearly Whites
A DIY pearl necklace for my wedding.

On the Map
A DIY watercolor painted map of Austin.

All Fired Up
The DIY ring stand gets completed.

Four more DIY watercolor maps and how I hung them on the wall.

August 2012
Welcome to the blog! Info about me, John, and our buying process, as well as my plans for the condo.

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