Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shabby Or Chic?

The kitchen shelves are up! I still have to go through all of the pictures and write a post, so check back in a few days and you'll get to see them :) Until then, here's a little project to hold you over.

When I walked through the condo for the very first time, I noticed that the mirror in the half bath was missing. Mirrors are considered fixtures, which means they convey to the new owner unless stated otherwise in the contract. I double checked that the previous owner hadn't noted that the mirror would go with her, and called my realtor to find out what to do. She called the previous owner and we decided that we would just keep $100 from the deposit we had from her so we could buy a new one! It was a quick and easy resolution, which is not how I thought it would be. I was pretty relieved and excited. Bonus: I hated her mirror. Double bonus: Two days after this happened I opened my car trunk and rediscovered a $5 mirror I had bought at a garage sale back in October. This project has been a long. time. coming.

It's not gorgeous, but it's sturdy and I like the shape, so I figured that for $5 and a can of spray paint it could look nice and new! My first impulse was to paint it a darkish color since the walls in the half bath are a light sea foamy green and the cabinets and counter are white, but Home Depot doesn't have any dark spray paint colors I like. So, for now white will just have to do and if I come across something dark that I like I'll switch it up later on.

First I sanded the mirror with some 120 grit sandpaper and wiped off the dust with a damp cloth, then I taped up the mirror portion to keep it clean during the spray.

I tried to do a few thin layers of white satin spray paint to keep it from having drips.

Luckily, my method awarded me no drips. Sadly, my impatience and many rapid, thin coats caused the paint to crack. Womp womp.

I had to sand down the cracks before I could apply the next coat, otherwise it would just look like a lumpy mess. Then something strange happened... I jokingly said to Jerry, my handyman, who was around at the time, that maybe out of sheer laziness I'd keep the "distressed" look and skip spraying over my sanding job. And then I did. I decided it could possibly pass as shabby chic, so I distressed it in areas that weren't cracked to hopefully make it look less like a mistake intentional, and hung it up!

So what's the verdict? Shabby? Or chic? Or the right amount of both? Come on, you know you want to comment... give me your opinion!!! Even if it's that I need to spray over it... I can take it. 


  1. Keep it! It's so cute! I wish my iPad sleeve had turned into such a happy accident! ;)

    1. Turns out your iPad sleeve DID turn out!! Woo!