A recap of our first year with our dog, Olive

Christmas recap and DIY watercolor home portraits.

Welcome to the blog! Info about me, John, and our buying process, as well as my plans for the condo.

The story of adopting our little dog, Sweet Olive, from a local rescue.

I Can Die Happy
Meeting the only famous people I care about: John & Sherry Petersik of Young House Love.

An update on how Sweet Olive is settling into life in the Bohne household.

Sherry says they "heart heart heart" the DIY watercolor painting of Austin I gave them!

Our long-overdue honeymoon to Kauai and Oahu

We travel to NYC on the annual Bohne family trip!

An update on Sweet Olive and what her lazy days look like

Our trip to Fort Myers, FL to visit family and my mother's childhood home.

After pictures of our rent house

Celebrating 7 years with my favorite guy.

We threw Sweet Olive a birthday party and had lots of friends (both human and canine) over to celebrate!

An introduction to the home we plan to move into at some point in the future

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