DIY Crafts & Jewelry

Something Blue
DIY pearl and chalcedony earrings for my wedding.

Recipe Art
DIY recipes turned into framable art.

DIY gold-wrapped crystal earrings.

Some Sweet Signage
A DIY burlap family banner for my wedding.

DIY earrings with gold wire, coin pearls, and mint beads

Christmas recap and DIY watercolor home portraits.

DIY wedding programs.

Four more DIY watercolor maps and how I hung them on the wall.

DIY individual frozen cookies wrapped up for the holidays.

On the Map
A DIY watercolor painted map of Austin.

Pumpkin Eats Pumpkin
An evil pumpkin-eating-pumpkin for Halloween.

A DIY custom fit utensil tray.

DIY fabric bow tie for our dog.

Sewing a crate cover for Olive's house

Framing a builder-grade mirror.

Very Etchy
DIY etched glass canisters for our counter.

DIY earrings made with metal clay, fired in a kiln to make sterling silver 

A Clear Case
DIY interchangeable iPhone case. 

My Pearly Whites
A DIY pearl necklace for my wedding.

A list of my favorite fonts & how I've used them.

Silver Lining
Spray painting a brass light fixture nickel.

A DIY beaded necklace.

Ring Me Up!
A DIY painted ceramic ring stand.

All Fired Up
The DIY ring stand gets completed.

Setting up our Christmas tree and other holiday decorations.

DIY inspiration board.

DIY wedding directions sign.

Repainting a $5 garage sale mirror for the half bath.

DIY wedding hanger.

DIY chalkboard wedding menu.

DIY 108" curtain panels.

DIY earring stand.

Reupholstering a vanity stool and swapping out the knobs.

Recovering an outdated couch.

Making a DIY invitation in Photoshop for Olive's birthday party 

Refinishing brass knobs to look like nickel.

A list of my favorite fonts & how I've used them.

How to make a DIY BBQ invitation in Photoshop.

Starting My Stamp Collection
A DIY Christmas stamp.

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