Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oh So Vain

I found this vanity on Craigslist for a steal. I really liked the lines, but the fabric on the stool and the knobs on the drawers weren't my favorite. I knew those were two easy fixes though, so I went for it. Van the vanity has been sitting in our bedroom looking kind of dingy for a while now. (Please excuse the fact that these pictures were taken pre-curtain hanging. I've been so busy I got half way through this project and got stuck!)

After going fabric shopping with Gina a while back, I decided it was time to pull the trigger on reupholstering the stool. Flipping it over revealed that the cushion was held onto the frame/legs by 8 screws. See the two holes on each side of the frame?

All I had to do was stick my screw driver in and remove the screws.

Rather than taking off the old fabric I decided to just put the new fabric right on top. I was worried if I took the old stuff off that the foam that's underneath would get little particles everywhere, and since the old fabric wasn't gross I figured it wouldn't hurt anything.

After I got the pattern lined up the way I wanted it I just started stapling, making sure to pull the fabric taught but not overly tight.

I basically smushed the fabric together on the corners until I was happy with how it looked. I didn't want a clean line like you get when you wrap a present because then one side would have it and one side wouldn't, so I went for the more casual "smush technique." Patent pending.

After I did all four sides and corners, I screwed it back on, flipped it over, and voila.

Next up was a knob switcheroo. I had been eyeing these beauts at Anthropologie for a long time, but at $14 a pop the knobs were going to end up costing as much as the vanity did. 

Plus I wasn't entirely sure they were the right feel for it... but you know how when you find something that just grabs you you think less about the practicality and more about the fact that you're in love? Well luckily I slept on this decision about 60 times (literally--I've been looking for the right knob for months) and decided this wasn't the best way to go. The other thing was that I needed 2 knobs (for the side drawers) and a pull (for the faux-middle drawer), but I couldn't find any knobs I liked that also had a matching pull. 

I ventured to Hobby Lobby and decided to get four knobs just to see how weird it would look to put two knobs in the place of one pull. I found some cute glass ones that were only $3 each, so my bank account felt a lot better about them than it did about the Anthro ones. It took two minutes to unscrew the old ones and replace them with these guys!

What do you think? Is it weird that there are two knobs in the middle? I think it looks a litttttle weird, but not weird enough for me to drive back, return them, and put the ugly brass ones back on. So for $12, I'm happy with the result. They dress it up and I'm much happier walking into a room with these guys than those brass ones that just blended into the wood.

I apologize that these pictures are super grainy. The glare from the window put me in a lose-lose picture-taking situation and this was the best I could do.

All in all, these were two relatively quick fixes that really helped the room out. Between the stool and the curtains, that side of the room has a lot more color and texture, and Van feels much more updated with those glass knobs. 

Have you done any quick fixes that made a big difference? Is there anything you've been wanting to do for a while that you just haven't pulled the trigger on? This update falls under the "why did I wait so long?!" category... so fast, so easy.


  1. The knobs look great. I don't think it looks weird at all to have the two knobs in the middle. I love the fabric on the stool, too.

    Overall, it's lovely.

    1. Thanks! I'm a lot happier with them now than I was initially. So glad you left a comment :)