Friday, April 19, 2013

Ring Ring

I used to hang my earrings on this plastic... mesh... stuff. I know, that's a pretty descriptive picture I've painted. I think the "stuff" is officially called plastic canvas, and people use it for what looks like needlepoint done with yarn. Like so:

It's handy because it comes in sheets about the size of a piece of paper, and I used to nail it directly to the wall sticking out about half an inch so I could slide my earrings in. It worked really well, but it certainly didn't look all that nice. Now that I'd like something that looks half way decent, I decided to make a more decorative stand to store all of my earrings.

I got a white, free-standing picture frame from Michaels that was 50% off. What I mean by "free-standing" is that it stands straight up without the use of the little leg prop that usually sticks out from the back.

Getting a free-standing frame was important because in order for the earring stand to work, the earring backs have to be able to go all the way through the middle portion of the frame (where the glass goes). So, the middle portion needs to be taken out, and the frame still needs to be able to stand up once it's out.

Now, I considered using the same plastic canvas stuff, but I wanted something that looked a little less... plastic. So, I thought I might use some chicken wire.

The only issue was that Home Depot only carries 1" chicken wire which meant I wouldn't have very many opportunities to hang my earrings because the holes are so large. So, I got some quarter inch hardware cloth instead, which is a little like the plastic canvas but has a more rustic feel.

First up, I took out the glass.

Next, I used the glass to measure how large to cut my piece of mesh.

When I tried to put it in, it was a smidgen too wide and wouldn't fit.

I just bent over half of a row of squares onto themselves.

Then, I slid it in!

Here it is all jeweled up.

It sits on our dresser next to my ring stand and a necklace tree I got at World Market that's looking a little busy... but hey, what can you do. I'd love for everything to look beautiful and perfect, but functionality has to have a place. Now I just need to shift things around so I can fit my wedding earrings on there along with the rest of them. They're kind of lonely hanging out by themselves.

All of these little crafts are making me think I should open an Etsy shop! I could sell tons of $5 items, haha. Oh but wait, have I mentioned that I'm going to sell a line of jewelry at Alexia Gavela, the bridal store I got my wedding gown from? The owner loved my jewelry so much he has asked me to make a collection! 

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