Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Garage Happenings

Our garage has come a long way from where it started, which was basically just an empty box. I re-built a workbench back in January, and have now installed cabinets and refinished a stool!

After taking the kitchen cabinets down back in December, they've been sitting in our garage taking up floor space. Remember these guys?

Well, I finally got around to hanging them a few weeks ago and I'm just now posting because of all of the wedding madness/settling into the condo/general laziness

I had 5 cabinets in all, three of which were 30" wide, and two of which were 36" wide, so naturally I planned to hang them in two stacks based on their width. I wanted to put the three 30" ones between my workbench and the shelves my handyman installed, and the other two on the other side of the shelves next to the door to the laundry room. The first step was to find the studs so I'd know where to screw them in. I didn't take a picture while I did this, but this is the little device I used.

It's just about the most basic stud finder you can buy, but it's done its job every time I've needed it to. On the left side there's a little button you push down as you slide it across the wall. Once it gets to a stud, it lights up and makes a beeping noise. Then, once it's back off the stud, it goes back to being unlit and silent. My handyman had a really fancy one that had lots of lights that lit up to show you the location and width of the studs, like so:

But I'm not that fancy. I just made a mark on either side, got my level and straight edge, and drew lines up from my marks. 

My dad came over so one of us could screw them in while the other held the cabinet in place. We just used some 3" decking screws because that's what we had on hand and they worked quite well.

Bam bam bam, three of five cabinets up.

The other two were going to the right of the shelves, and there was only one stud behind them and it was all the way to the right. We used the 3" decking screw to put it in the stud, and then used a 1.5" screw to put it in the drywall on the left. Since it sits directly on the ground, I wasn't worried about there only being one stud because the full weight is supported by the ground. The screw on the left is more for stability.

To hide those screw holes, the ugly red paint that used to cover the kitchen, and to give the cabinet top a nice surface, I cut a piece of plywood to fit the top and put it on with some finishing nails. Here it is hiding under John's basketball bag :)

Look at all of that extra storage! Currently we have extra paper towels in the top right cabinet, and the rest is empty. Even those blue and green boxes are empty, just waiting to be filled up. Even though the cabinets and containers are empty, it's driving me kind of crazy that there's so much stuff on the shelves, but those cardboard boxes will be removed soon and the rest is just kind of necessary to keep. I'm such a purger, so keeping anything we don't need or regularly use is extremely hard for me. On the top shelf is leftover flooring and suitcases, on the third shelf you can see some paint cans peeking out, and on the ground are all of the blinds we took down and the pressure washer I used to clean the driveway and back patio, none of which we should get rid of, but it just sits. there. doing. nothing. I hate it!

Now, did you notice the white stool in the corner? My dad surprised me by bringing it to the condo and I had forgotten we even had it. Back in like 1998, my favorite neighbors moved away, and they gave me this stool. As an 8 year old, a free stool was pretty exciting. It had an interesting paint job though, with green on random parts of the top and little maroon dots on the bars.  

I decided to give it a little face lift. First, I sanded it.

At this time, let me introduce you to the best creation of all time: the spray paint trigger attachment.

If any of you have spray painted before, you know that your finger will be mighty sore if you have a can with the regular old knob/button on top. Holding that thing down is not a fun job, so when I came across this attachment on Home Depot I pounced. It just snaps on to the top of any regular spray paint can, and when you squeeze the trigger a little mechanism pushes down on the button on the top of the can. Genius. Index finger: saved, not sacrificed.

After one coat of Rust-Oleum white in satin, we had some good progress.

After a night of drying and another coat, it was as good as new!

Here it is sitting happily in front of my work bench waiting to be used :)

Here it is with Velma--my car--inside. Still nice and spacious!

So, what do you think of the extra storage? Those cabinets were pink tinged and disgusting while they were in the kitchen, but I think they fit in just fine in the garage. On one hand I'm excited to have so much extra storage space, but on the other I'm hoping we never amass enough stuff to fill it all up! I know we'll have a lot of Christmas decorations, but other than that I'm hoping to only keep what we really need. I just can't stand having tons of stuff that just sits unused. What about you? Are you a purger like me? Or do you like to keep things for that just-in-case hypothetical moment that you might need that one thing from 1995?

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