Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Very Handy Indeed

Now, I know I said that the next post would be about paint... I'm sorry. I lied. It's coming though... like tomorrow! I had to post this first, otherwise you'd look at pictures in the paint post and wonder how things got to be that way. 

My handyman, Jerry, had a long list of things to do around the house to get it ready. First, he installed a pocket door, and then he started on some smaller jobs. One of the most important ones was moving the chandelier in the dining room over about a foot and a half. You can kind of see in this old picture from when we first got the keys that they chandelier is actually hung right in the middle of the dining room area. 

This would seem like a normal placement choice, except that the middle of that space is actually in the walkway. So, someone of my height (5'4") could walk under the chandelier with literally one inch of clearance. Someone of a more manly height like my dad (6'0") or John (6'4") would smack their forehead or chin, respectively. I can't tell you how many times people hit this chandelier. The old owner dealt with this by putting her dining room table diagonally which not only looked weird but wasted a lot of space. My solution was to actually fix the problem.

We put our table where we'd like it to be and based the chandelier placement on that. Step 1: they took the old chandelier down. 

Step 2: I went to work. Step 3: I came home to it being completely finished. It was extremely exciting. See the old spot that they spackled over?

Another task was to take down the dated light fixture that hangs over the entry way. I would have done it myself, but as you can see, it's two stories up.

Claire + heights = no go. The guy in this picture isn't actually Jerry the Handyman Extraordinaire, it's his right-hand man Doug. Doug was a champ. He climbed up the ladder and took the light fixture down one handed. It was astonishing.

Jerry also...
  • installed new drywall (the red you see behind the sink is a sealant you paint on to waterproof the drywall which is important in wet areas)
  • wired cords to power the lights we'll put under the open shelves (see the two white cords poking on of the drywall?)
  • and added a third switch on the wall (see on the right of the new drywall?) to operate those lights.

The back door wasn't closing easily, so Jerry re-hung it to straighten the hinges, and also replaced the doorsweep on the bottom because it was falling off and totally ripped.

Possibly the most exciting thing, though? He added two new light fixtures in the garage! See them on either side of the garage door opener? They each have space for 3 bulbs which will really brighten up the garage at night. The house I grew up in has 2 big windows in the garage plus the little window boxes on the top panel of the garage door, so I'm used to getting a lot of natural light in there. The garage at the condo has zero windows, so light fixtures are extra important.

Jerry also installed some shelving in the garage that I completely forgot to take pictures of. I'll share it next time I remember :)

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