Saturday, January 26, 2013

Now You See It, Now You Don't

When I got my wedding invitations made, the lady I worked with warned me that people often send their reply cards back without names. While this gives you an accurate head count, you don't know whose heads you're counting. Plus, some people never send their reply cards back, so it's customary to call those people and see if they'll be in attendance. The only issue is that if you have reply cards with no names, you don't know who's replied and who hasn't, so you may end up calling someone that replied with a blank card. 

The lady suggested that I assign each address a number (like 1-240, which is how many households we'll be sending our invitations to) and write those numbers on each reply card. That way, if we get a blank one back I can just look up the number and know which house it was sent to. I wasn't thrilled about having numbers written on the cards that I had painstakingly designed, but I'd rather know who it came from than not have the numbers.

Then... I saw this on Pinterest.

That's right, an invisible ink pen. Yes the picture is terribly tacky and I seriously hesitated about repinning it because it looks so icky, but I did it anyway. Turns out you can get these pens that have ink you can only see under a black light. I tried looking for one at office supply stores, but no dice. Luckily, Amazon had them on the cheap (and really, free for us because we have a gift card--thanks Jan Jan!), so I bought one and it came 2 days later. 

Here's the pen (the blacklight is on the cap) and our reply card, which has our address blocked out incase someday I'm famous and have stalkers.

Even though the ink is invisible, I wanted to write the numbers pretty small in an inconspicuous place... just in case something weird happened. I chose the spot inside this little loop.

I wrote "65" on, and it was indeed invisible.

And then shone the light on it! Ta da! 

I know it's a little hard to see it in the picture, but in real life it's very clear. I just couldn't find any combination of settings on my camera that captured it well. I have never had to photograph black lights before, so consider me a novice. 

I mailed our invitations yesterday and some people have already gotten theirs! Those mailmen work fast. If you got one, feel free to shine a black light on your reply card and check out your number. And don't worry about which one it is, they're all arbitrary. Excel sorted the addresses by column E of my spreadsheet, which is completely unrelated to how I feel about you all :) 

I'll share some more wedding projects soon... but a paint update will probably be next! Are you excited? Because I am. Like big time.

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