Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Framed In

Something that's been on my to do list for a while is to frame the master bathroom mirror. When we first got the keys, the bathroom looked like this:

Then, we updated the light fixture, but the mirror still looked unfinished. 

Rather than ripping it off the wall and buying a new one, I decided to just add a wood frame. I got some cheap wood from Home Depot, measured all four cuts, and marked them with my T square.

Then I popped them in my miter box and used some clamps to hold it to the workbench so that when I sawed it would stay still.

Once the pieces were cut, I used a countersink bit on my drill to bore out a hole for the head of the screw. If I had skipped this step, the screw would have sat flush with the wood. That means it would stand out if I painted over it, which is what I planned to do. By boring the wood out, the screw can sit below the surface of the wood, which allows me to fill the negative space with paintable spackling paste. But more on that later. Here's the bit:

And what the wood looks like post-countersinking.

After boring out my hole, I screwed the top piece into the wall. I didn't worry about finding studs or putting anchors in because the wood was pretty light and wasn't supporting any weight but its own.

Then the bottom piece...

Then the sides!

I used my spackling paste and knife to fill in the joints between the pieces of wood and the holes where the screws were.

It's best to add more than you need so that once it dries you can just sand off the excess.

The next day I went back with my palm sander and smoothed it out. You can see that there's a little crack between the two pieces of wood which I'll eventually fill with caulk since it's more pliable.


The frame will be painted white to match the trim and doors. I think it really helps finish the room!

Now really... the next post will be about paint. Cross my heart :)


  1. I love it!!! Just wait until we move into a new house. I'm going to be calling you constantly. ;)

    1. Sounds good to me :) Have you started looking yet?