Thursday, January 24, 2013


So possibly the most exciting thing on the handy man to do list was a pocket door. The door from the master bedroom to the master bathroom made the bathroom feel really closed in and inconvenient. The bathroom isn't tiny, but it's definitely not spacious, and when the door is open the shower is totally blocked. 

I went to a door store that Jerry, my handyman engineer extraordinaire, had recommended. It turns out there aren't doors you buy specifically for pocket door installations. Doors come in really basic sizes, and you can use them on hinges or in pockets. This was fantastic news because it meant I could actually reuse our existing door and avoid paying for a new one! So, all we needed was a frame and the hardware to stick in the spot the old knob resided. For that there are two options--either a basic piece of metal that just acts as a space to help you pull the door closed, or one with a locking mechanism. Since this door will go to a bathroom, I opted for the locking one.

Here's the frame leaned against the wall. See how the old door just really blocks off the room? (Excuse the fact that the wall looks very blue here... it was a phone picture so I couldn't white balance.)

First Jerry removed the old door, then the old trim, being careful not to damage it so it could be reused once the pocket was installed.

Then he removed the trim inside the bathroom.

After that he used the same oscillating tool I used to remove the kitchen backsplash to cut a hole in the drywall and check out what was happening inside the wall.

Then he cut out the rest of the drywall that was in the way of installing the pocket frame.

Next he used a crazy cool tool that I didn't catch the name of to cut the wood. Seriously the thing was awesome, but also terrifying. It cut straight through the wood (and nails) in no time flat.

It was extremely strange and fascinating to see that a 1/2" piece of drywall was the only thing dividing the two rooms. Isn't that weird?! I shared my fascination with my bridesmaids when I saw them in New Orleans this past weekend and they just stared at me like I couldn't have possibly commented on something less interesting. Apparently I'm alone in this drywall amazement?

Those white spots are DAP filler that strengthen the drywall anywhere it may have been damaged from ripping it off the screws.

And then... the most amazing thing happened. I went to work. When I came home... we had a pocket door. Just like that! Magic. It was the most exciting thing. When you do something yourself, you have to sit through the 1000 tiny steps between the start and finish, so it just doesn't feel all that amazing when you're done, because you're only one tiny step forward from where you were three minutes ago, which is one tiny step forward from three minutes before that. When someone else does the work and you go away and come back, it's just the most amazing thing, because it's just finished. It's seriously like magic, and I love it.

Just look at how much more open the bathroom is!!!

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. What I'm even more excited about, though? What's going on in the condo right now. Paint. Just get yourself ready, because it's going to be the biggest transformation yet... I just know it.

Do any of you have any hugely transformative suggestions?

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