Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Can Die Happy


Allow me to collect myself. Ok, so. John and Sherry had their book signing tonight at Book People. My fellow DIY nerd friend, Gina, and I planned on meeting there at 5, even though the signing wasn't until 7. The girl at the front desk said they wouldn't even put chairs out until 6:30, which meant that we would be standing in line for the seats for an hour and a half so we wouldn't have to stand while John and Sherry spoke. The funny thing was... no one was there. So yes, I felt silly getting there early. Luckily, I went upstairs and noticed that they were actually already setting chairs out! I snagged a seat in the front center and reserved the one next to me for Gina while she parked. I was just about dying of excitement and amazement that I was going to be this close to John and Sherry.

I am so not the kind of person that gets wrapped up in celebrities and Hollywood news, but let me tell you, when it comes to John and Sherry, I'm excitable. I made a watercolor map of Austin (like I did here) to give to them. I even planned on putting it in my favorite floating frame since I had an extra one lying around, but then I realized they'd probably hate me for giving them a large, breakable item to fly back home. So, I went and picked up a shipping envelope that had cardboard pieces inside to keep documents from getting bent. The only thing was... it was ugly. So of course I had to wrap it up and include one of the tags I made for my Christmas presents.

At 7:03... they came out!!

John apparently wanted Sherry to stand on the other side, so he pulled her over, haha.

Her mic was super short so she spent a few minutes trying to adjust it... then gave up. She was hilarious. It was awesome. I love her.

Everyone was put in a group based on when they bought their book from Book People, and I was in Group A! Somehow I managed to be the very first person. I was super excited but also nearly fainted on my way over to them. But seriously.

Sherry opened my map...

Looked a little nervous...

Then (I think) loved it!!

And we took a picture :)

And they signed my book :)

And then we got one with Gina :)

As they were signing her book Gina totally chickened out and decided not to ask Sherry to draw her something, so I piped up that Gina wanted a corgi and Sherry drew her one!!

I'm pretty much just speechless. And all smiles.

OMG JOHN AND SHERRY PETERSIK. #myheroes #realpeople


  1. I was at the Austin event too! Crazy to see them in person. I love the map you made of Austin...it's so pretty!

    1. Thank you! They're really fun to make :) I've made one for every place my fiance and I have been together so I have a nice little collection started!