Sunday, March 3, 2013

Love Is Everywhere

I've been pinning a lot of directional wedding signs and finally decided to make one myself. These are some of my favorites...

There were different things I liked about each of them. I liked that one of them looked like it was done with chalkboard paint, but I figured no one would be around to erase my wedding sign and switch it to something else half way through the night. I liked the "I Do" and "We Did" sign, but it was pretty vague and not actually that helpful if you had lots of things for people to see. I also liked that the signs themselves were arrows. I was originally planning to use fence pickets so the wood would end in a point, that way I could use the point as a directional clue, but some of the pickets needed to point in a direction other than left or right. So, I decided to get some regular pine boards and just cut them into 18" long rectangles. The guys at Home Depot did the cuts for me, so when I got home all I had to do was paint and assemble.

Here are the supplies for the first phase: white acrylic paint, a paint brush, a pencil (not shown...), and a piece of wood. 

As you can see, I just sketched on what I was going to paint. It didn't need to be perfect because my paint line would be thicker than my pencil line, thus covering it up. Next I just started painting. Again, I didn't make it perfect, because you could actually see the pencil through the first coat, so I knew I'd need to add a second layer of paint.

Here it is after the second coat.

After I painted each piece, I laid them out. I tried to arrange them somewhat chronologically, but also keep similar arrows away from each other so nothing would look too repetitive. After I figured out the order, I put a long wooden stake on top of them to mark where each screw would go. 

You can see the little dots on the stake indicating the middle of the picket in this picture. After marking the dots, I drilled pilot holes in the stake to keep it from splitting when I put the screws in.

Next, I flipped all of the pickets over so I could mark where to put my stake. Since the pickets are 18" wide and my stake is 1" wide, drew a line at the 8.5" mark which indicated where the edge of my stake would go.

Next, I applied some Elmer's wood glue for an extra good hold. 

Then I screwed them in using 1 1/4" screws so they wouldn't go all the way through to the front.

And... ta da!

I don't have great handwriting, but part of why the font looks so elementary is because it's hard painting letters. All in all though, I'm happy with it! It's informative and cute and I think it'll be a nice touch at the wedding. Which, by the way, is this month. Can you believe it?! I can't!!! After over a year of wedding planning and 3 going on 4 months of house renovations, it's hard to believe the finish line is in sight. I'm excited and terrified. Not terrified of getting married, no no, I'm just excited for that. I'm terrified of my to do list. 

I will tell you that I've made some gooood progress on our kitchen shelves! I'd say I'm 65% done with them... at least. That post will be coming as soon as I finish them up so be on the lookout!

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