Saturday, December 21, 2013


One of my sorority sisters posts her latest jewelry creations on Instagram and invites you to purchase the pieces from her wonderful shop on Etsy. Her shop is called BeCause, because she donates 15% of the proceeds to a hunger relief program through a nonprofit called World Food Program USA. It's such a worthy cause--I hope you'll check it out! She also does a lot of custom designs for bridal parties.

A while back, she posted these gorgeous earrings that I haven't stopped thinking about.

True to form, I never have original ideas of my own, but I figured they were something I could recreate. I hit up Nomadic Notions for the beads and earring hooks since I already had the gold wire. The most important thing when bead shopping was to make sure they were top-drilled, meaning that the hole didn't go through the length of the bead. The two crystal beads and gold-filled hooks only cost $9 and some change. If you need to get the wire, I bet you could do this project for under $20 and still have a ton of wire leftover. Not a bad deal!

I've had this wire for quite a while and assumed that the gold probably cost more than the silver (although I couldn't really remember, and I have no idea if it's gold plated or just brass, hah), so I decided to use the silver as the base structure to help save a little of the gold wire.

I slid some wire through and cut it to the length I thought would look nice, then gave it a little twist.

Next I wrapped some wire around the base to beef it up.

Then, I started with the gold. I made a little loop at the top for the earring hook to hold onto. (Yikes, sorry for the blurry picture).

Then I just started wrapping. There was no real technique… I just wrapped until I was satisfied with how they looked.

Ta da!

Lastly, I put them on the hook.

They aren't a perfect match, but I think that's part of their charm. Plus when I actually wear them they won't be so close together and the differences won't be as obvious.

That was quick and easy! I encourage you to try it out yourself, but if it feels like a little too much to take on, visit Sarah's shop and order a pair that will only require the proverbial swipe of your credit card.

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