Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ruff Life

Well, it seems that I've been bad about posting. Things around here are busy! I'm good about posting when I actually have something to post about, but lately I haven't done anything around the house that was blog-worthy. So instead I figured I'd share cute pictures of Sweet Olive, because lord knows I take plenty of them.

I think I mentioned in my last post that we took her to get a hair cut so she wouldn't get too hot with all of her long fur. And then, of course, we had a cold front. Followed by a cold front. It's ok though, we think she likes her new 'do just fine. Here she is riding home from the groomer's.

Initially, she wasn't quite sure what she thought about about her new haircut... she just sat on the couch in funny positions until she got used to it.

We've also been pleasantly surprised that a few weeks ago, she worked up the courage to leave the one cushion on the couch that she typically sits on ("her" cushion is over on the left side with the stuffed animals). One day I came home from a meeting and she was sitting in my spot! I like to tell myself it's because she missed me, but really I think she just knows that I have the best real estate on the couch.

Please know that our curtains are not really pink... they just look
like that because the patio umbrella is reflecting on them.

She even rests her little head on us now which is my favorite thing ever. And if you're thinking to yourself that this is typical dog behavior and that it's strange that I'm getting excited over it, let's rewind and remember that we started with a very timid little pooch, so things like this are new!

She's also no longer afraid of riding in the car. Gone are the days where she'd shake until we got where we were going. Progress! Here's to our brave little dog.

On the weekends we like to go on long walks over to my in-laws', and a few weeks ago cousin Hank was over there. He and Olive are still learning how to get along, but have made great progress since they first met. Hank seems to always want to play with whatever Olive has, rather than the other toys that are available, and Olive is not the best sharer. Here they are playing chase after Hank took Olive's ball. It worked out well because Hank likes to grab a toy and then have you chase him, whereas Olive could play fetch all day (all. day.). I think it satisfied both of them.

But mainly, little dog just snoozes. She definitely likes to have something under her snout, no doubt about it.

If she doesn't have something under her snout, she's sure to have something in her snout. Our little love always brings a present to the side of the bed when we wake up in the morning. Here we are, holding Lion.

And here we are holding (two-legged, one-eared) Foxy.

It's a rough ruff life.


In a little less than a month John and I are going to Florida to visit my family, and I'm already dreading leaving our little pooch behind. She'll stay with my in-laws, so I know she'll be in good hands, but it's so sad to think about!


  1. So lovely to read. She's had Fox since the very beginning of her time in foster, so that HAS to be a record for a dog toy--limb loss and all. I wish I could remember where I got it, so I could send a replacement. Hugs to all!

    1. Fox and Bear are who she usually sleeps with and who she brings to us in the morning. The other, newer, toys like the woof pillow that you gave her and the lion that we got her are more like pillows she occasionally rips apart. She has her priorities straight ;)

  2. I'm so in love with Olive! Also, seeing those car traveling pictures made me think that I should tell you about the awesome purchase we made for Phoebe. We bought her a safety harness that we loop the seat belt through. It makes me feel so much better knowing if I have to slam on the brakes for something, the seat belt lock will come on and she won't go flying. It's the best. :)

    1. Ahh I'll definitely check into that! It may be hard to tell in the picture, but we have her on a leash that's attached to the seat so she's nice and secure... I paid extra for them to sew it in when I got John his seat covers for Christmas :) Safety is super important to me. Whenever I see people who have their dogs running around the car, I want to roll down the window and tell them that the humans should unbuckle themselves since they seem to feel they're flawless drivers who can avoid unsafe situations ;)

  3. this is a test!