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Welcome to our blog! John and I will be married on March 30th, 2013 but we're closing on our first place on October 5th of this year. We plan to spend the time between now and then fixing it up and moving our stuff in so that when we start living there after the wedding we'll have a home ready, not just a house :)

Here it is...

Although we're closing on October 5th, the woman we're buying from will be leasing back from us through November. Until then, I'll probably just be pinning ideas and constantly checking Young House Love for inspiration. It's really because of YHL that I decided to start blogging myself! Really I'm somewhat surprised I haven't started sooner. Those that know me know that I always have my camera in hand, and that I love doing projects. I used to make a lot of jewelry and even some of my clothes, and I once tried building furniture, but now I'm just mainly focused on photography. I take a lot of pictures and have no training or really even a clue what I'm doing, but I have a decent camera and I love to document. So, projects + pictures should lend itself well to blogging.

A little about John... He's tall. "Welcome to the first word that everyone uses to describe me," says John. More than tall, he's sweet, can always make me laugh (especially when I don't want to), and will probably never get into this whole blogging thing. In fact, he just announced he wants to start blogging about sports which pretty much seals the deal on him never being involved in this blog. He'd also like me to share that he scored in the bottom 5% in hand strength in high school. He has terrible motor skills, which he blames on not coloring enough as a child. Poor thing. Terrible motor skills  great DIYer, but I'm sure he'll do his best. He's very helpful, and is always willing to lend me a hand (albeit a shaky one). Even if he won't be that excited about it, I'm sure he'll be a huge help with projects... especially ones that are near the ceiling.

Speaking of projects... I have so many I want to do. I don't even know where I'll start. Lucky for my father (whom I currently live with) I'm holding off until we have access to the condo to get the ball rolling. I have dreams of a big, empty, open garage just waiting for me to fill it with tons of DIY goodness. Most of my planning has taken place on Pinterest and spreadsheets, and let me tell ya, I love a good spreadsheet. I even got an award from my sorority sisters for planning my life through spreadsheets... I just can't get enough. As far as projects I can't wait to dive into off the top of my head...

Make a tufted headboard for our bedroom (as well as a matching upholstered bed frame)

Refinish a gorgeous farmhouse table my soon-to-be sister-in-law's mother (STBSILM?) gave us. It's currently stained on top and spray painted black everywhere else. I'm thinking of either refinishing the top to be lighter and painting the legs white, or painting the whole thing white. Maybe something like this... sans the distressing?

Possibly add some reclaimed wood to the back of our kitchen peninsula. I had planned on making a coffee table out of weathered fence planks I scoured our neighborhood for, only to decide that it probably wouldn't be sturdy enough to actually put things on. So, now I have a pile of old fence wood... and then I saw this and thought, "of course!" Maybe even a chevron pattern?

And/or a clock?

I want to do lots of DIY art. I can't imagine we'll be able to afford much nice art and there's just so much you can do yourself! Like this gem from Pinterest

And I'd also like to work on my (non-existant) watercolor skills because I just can't get enough watercolor lately. Like this sepia map of Paris

And some Texas love...

 And perhaps some YHL inspired abstract art

Maybe some places we love/places we've been together art?

Plus, I want to paint all of the cabinets (kitchen and bathroom). The kitchen ones will for sure end up white, but maybe we'll do a more playful color in the bathrooms? Maybe not? Depends on what color the walls end up being.

Anyway, I have a crazy long list of things I'd like to do which will need to be prioritized. Patience, patience, though... first I have to wait to get the keys. And by patience, patience, what I really mean is have John drive us by the condo once a week while begging "slower! slower!" so I can oogle over the exact same exterior I've seen 300 times before. Still... it's as close as we can get.

I hope you'll stick with us through our journey! In the mean time I hope to get a rough (although not-so-rough because I'm too OCD much of a planner to be sloppy) blueprint/sketch of the floor plan so we can start thinking about furniture. We've inherited a couch from a family in the 'hood (read: neighborhood we live in) and we need to start thinking about where we'll put it and get it reupholstered. It may end up downstairs in the living room, or if we go with a sectional down there then it will probably end up in the loft that will be an office/media room.

Stay tuned! Hopefully I'll have the floor plan sketch next time you hear from us. The last thing to decide is whether to keep saying "us" or come to terms with the fact that it's probably just "me." Who knows--maybe John will say things like "we love Kevin Durant because he's so great at basketball" in his sports blog to keep me included... although it will certainly limit the scope of his topics to things like players' height, which I happen to know is in the tall... spectrum.

Off I (we?) go!

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