Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Eats Pumpkin

Since I jumped ahead to Christmas in my last post I figured I should get on board with the current holiday. I haven't been home for Halloween for the past 4 years so I wanted to actually do something festive! I came across this guy on Pinterest and thought he was kind of cute...

I decided to use this baby-pumpkin-eating jack o' lantern as my inspiration for this year's pumpkin. John and I went to the store and had a little trouble finding pumpkins the right size to pull it off, but eventually we found one tall and one tiny pumpkin. Luckily Annette (my future mother in law) had some pumpkin carving tools hanging out in the garage so we just borrowed those for the hour or so that it took to carve the baby-pumpkin-eater. Here's the big guy (this picture is post-cutting the top off)...

It's pretty of hard to tell, but I used a pencil to roughly sketch out his eyes and mouth using the Pinterest image as my guide.

I don't know what these tools are called, but I think they're what you'd use to smooth clay out? Anyway, that's what I used to carve off the outside layer of the pumpkin without cutting all the way through.

It was slow going and my index finger hurt pretttty bad after a little while. This picture kind of makes me worry that perhaps my finger shouldn't even bend like that? Yikes.

Whew, finally done.

Next I cut out a hole in the middle of his mouth that would fit the smaller pumpkin. It took taking a lot of small slivers off to get it to the right size, but I knew if I cut it too big there'd be no going back.

Size check... perfect!

Next I took the clay tool and scraped the surface to smooth it out. It was pretty groovetastic before the smoothing which wouldn't make very convincing teeth.

Ahh... much better. For two reasons. First, because it's all smooth. Second, because I moved into the shade to avoid melting.

Next were the teeth. First I went through and cut lines where the edge of the teeth would be.

Then I went through and took off the corners of each teeth to make them a little rounder.

Next up was the little guy who I decided to keep pretty simple.

Bada bing bada boom...

Both my mother and Annette were horrified... but I think they're kinda cute. Is that so strange? John's grandmother is on team cute, anyone else?

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