Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Very Stately

This past weekend I saw signs for an estate sale at the front of our neighborhood which isn't a regular occurrence. I Googled it to see if there was any info online and lo and behold, there was! The company that was directing the sale had made a page with pictures of the goods. I scrolled through and nothing really caught my eye...

Until BAM! Angels sang.

As I've mentioned before, I just can't help myself when it comes to this color palette. So, first thing that ran through my head: this chair must cost at least $150-$200, and I certainly didn't start the week planning to drop a hundred or two on a chair. Second thing that ran through my head: I just can't help myself. It's teal.

So, I decided to at least go by and check it out. I told myself that if, by some miracle, the chair was like $50, I'd take it home. There were still plenty of other things that could go wrong aside from the price... would it still be there? Would it be in terrible condition? Would it actually be another color and this picture just tricked me into excitement?

I walked in, and there he was, immediately to my right. Color: perfect. Condition: good but had a few spots. Price: do I dare look? Yep, here goes. $65. What?! $65?! $65!!! At this point I lost consciousness. Just kidding, but nearly. Luckily I saw Annette's car parked outside the house so I knew she was in there somewhere... I went and found her to get a more rational opinion. She had the good sense to suggest sitting in it (duh, I really did lose my mind), pushing it here and there to see if it was sturdy, etc. It all checked out, but there were still those little spots. But it was only $65. What's a girl to do? I knew we'd need to buy chairs sooner or later, and I hadn't planned on going the antique route for any of them, but there I was with a gorgeous chair staring me in the face. My options were:

  1. Buy this chair with lots of character
  2. Buy another old chair with lots of character for hundreds more
  3. Or, buy a new chair with less character but in perfect condition.

I did some quick iPhone research. Ugly and $355 on Ebay:

Also ugly and $475 on Ebay:

Or I could get a gorgeous, brand new chair from Anthro and easily spend $1,000 (since I'm obviously made of money) or at least $200 at World Market for a lot less character. So the decision was pretty clear.

I found one of the ladies working the sale and voiced my worries about the little spots, and she ran off to get a cloth to see if they'd come out. Drum roll please... they did! There were probably 20 tiny ones over the whole chair and we tried a good 7 or 8 before I felt confident I'd be able to get the rest out. So, home I went with the best find of my life. Every single spot came out with absolutely no trace they ever existed. Extremely strange, but true. I just used water and a paper towel and they dissolved in a snap.

By the way, the color on the wall behind the chair is the same as the one the watercolor maps sit on. In the picture I took of the maps the walls practically look like they're glowing, but this is a more accurate representation.

Onto more estate sale things. As I walked around the house I found a fun cookbook. Surprise: it was teal. With gold. I decided to get it to go with my small collection of cookbooks that are currently sitting with a cute little old school scale I got for $2 at a garage sale a few weeks ago. Here they are all together.

Now that we have a new piece of furniture I think I'll revisit our floor plan to figure out exactly where he should go. Annette suggested the bedroom... any other ideas?

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