Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Now that we have one more thing to furnish our house, I decided to revisit the floor plan to see where things should go. In the end, I took Annette's advice and put him (him being my new chair) in the bedroom. He'll be nice for reading because he's wide and soft. When I say things like "I put him in the bedroom," I really mean that I put an image of a chair in our "bedroom" on, which is not to say that I actually took the chair and put it in the bedroom. That time will come, but we're not there yet. For now I'll have to speak figuratively.

I realized there were some updates to be made. I went through and added all of the windows (which look like white lines on the black walls), the back yard, rearranged the office, added the chair, a rug downstairs, and a few other small tweaks.

And a little 3D action for ya...

I like the office way better now. We got a corner desk at the garage sale I got that little scale from. It's tough to see in this picture, but it's to the right of the couch. It'll become my desk in the new house and I'll give John my current one. He doesn't really do any work from home so I don't know if he'll even use it, but it'll be good to have.

Things are coming along! Figuratively, at least :) Just a month and a week away from actually getting in there to get things going!

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