Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Clear Case

I really hate spending money on iPhone cases because they're so outrageously expensive, but I get bored with them soo fast. Solution: I got this clear case from Apple with the intention to print out different images to go inside! 

After having the case for a few weeks I finally got around to it. First I had to decide what I wanted my case to look like, so I looked around on Etsy. I found this guy who had a fun pattern but was kinda blah in the color department.

Then I found this case which I think is absolutely hilarious, but not really what I'm going for. I guess no one would want to steal your 1999 Nokia. Hahaha I love it. 

This one was colorful but pretty simple and boring...

And then I found ones with states and chevron that were pretty cute.

The chevron seemed really busy to me but I decided to use these as the basis for my inspiration. I scanned the little insert that came inside the case since I knew it was the right size and shape.

Then I took the image, put it in Photoshop along with this guy

Switched up the colors, added a heart, "love," and some chevrons... and came up with this:

The chevron pattern still seemed a little crazy. My eyes didn't know where to look, so I decided to try out a scalloped pattern. I used this duvet cover I saw on Urban Outfitters as my guide:

And then had this new version:

For the side-by-side....

It's weird because the scalloped one is busier... yet it somehow feels like crazy to me. So that's the one I went with. I printed it out, cut it out...

And snapped it on!

Wham-bam, free iPhone case (well, "case"). The good thing is I can change it whenever I feel like it for zero dollas.  It's not the cutest case I've ever had, but I'm happy with it for now. Sadly my favorite ones are like paisley/filigree doodles, and I am noooo good at doodling.

Does anyone want to doodle for me? I'd pay you. In cookies. Anyone have a really cute iPhone case you want to show me for better inspiration?

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