Friday, November 23, 2012

Recipe Art

I'm really excited to share this next project! It was an absolute blast. A few days ago I saw these guys on Pinterest:

and remembered that John and Sherry had some made a while back. They look so cute and can be so personal with all of your favorite recipes. It just so happens that I discovered my love for fonts (as you may have seen here) a few months back and so I felt like these would be no problem to DIY!

I decided to make my scalloped potatoes recipe first. I made it yesterday for Thanksgiving and boy oh boy... I forgot how good it is. I did all of my designs in Photoshop using free fonts I downloaded from, but this could probably be done in Word almost as easily. Photoshop is just my BFF and I use it for just about everything. Pretty much all of my sorority sisters sent me a picture at some point to fix up for them... remove an ex-boyfriend and make your arm look skinny? No prob. Turn that random guy in the background into a tree? Easy. Make you look like you're in outer space? I can do that too, if you really want me to. My grandfather taught me these crazy cool skills when I'd visit him in Florida, and knowing how to use Photoshop has been hands-down the most useful thing I can do on a computer.

Now, the first step was to write out the ingredients and directions. The second step was to add some interest to the recipe title to help it stand out from the ingredients.
Third, I gave every ingredient its own font and tried to have the style varied and balanced across the page (cursive, print, thick, thin, hollow, etc.). Fourth, I added a second rectangle to help me keep all of the writing within a border so I'd have a nice, empty edge.
 Fifth, I moved everything inside the smaller frame, switched up the title font, and changed the directions font. Sixth I put extra spaces between some of the words in the directions because Photoshop doesn't have a "justified" option.
Finally, I deleted the reference rectangle, added some decorations, and spaced things out!
Then I went on to make 5 more...

And wham-bam, done! I love them! And all together...

I don't know if you can tell, but there's a white border around each of them, and I'd like to frame them and hang them in the kitchen. I'm planning on taking down all of the upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelves, so I could even lean some of these in all of that open space. I love that they're so colorful but also personal and useful. Talk about easy an easy thing to reference while you're cooking!

I sometimes worry that I missed my true calling to be a graphic designer, but then I remember that I have zero original ideas and can just replicate other people's genius work, haha.

Do any of you have favorite fonts? People pin all of these "free fonts" on Pinterest and I get excited and go to download them and find out they're $60! What the heck! I'd love some suggestions on pretty and free fonts. (Not that anyone ever comments on these... but that's ok)


  1. I love these! Is the yellow one easier to see printed out? I want to make some to decorate my dorm, if not recipes then at least something in the same style. However I guess I'll be using Christmas break to become proficient in Photoshop because currently I know nothing. I agree that making things for yourself gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

  2. Hopefully it'll be visible, otherwise I'll tweak the color. Do you have Photoshop? It's kind of expensive but there are cheap versions that are still really inclusive.

  3. I love your recipes and have this linked to my recipe artwork post too today!

    1. Thank you! How did you hear about my blog? I'm just getting started and am always shocked and excited when someone I don't know comes across it :)