Saturday, March 16, 2013


A few weeks ago you may have seen that we started moving furniture in. It's pretty crazy how far we've come in just over three weeks, so hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen! We've moved in more furniture, but more importantly, lots of accessories. It's amazing how a few vases and books can make a place feel a million times more lived in. Without further ado, here she is! (Although please keep in mind that most of the accessories aren't in their final homes... some are, but most are just stuck in the general vicinity and therefore look totally random. Because they are.)

There are two projects in this picture that I haven't posted about yet... can you spot them?

I hung the DIY watercolor maps I made over our buffet.

We will not keep all 8 of these pillows on the couch. Promise. I'd like to find some with warm colors because this room is pretty devoid of reds, oranges, and yellows. The chairs are both from World Market, and the coffee table is from the Four Hands outlet.

After I posted about furniture the first time, I realized I was unhappy with how our bed looked. Being so tall, it looked kind of cubical, and the skirt made it look really frilly (even though it was the least frilly skirt I could find). I tried to keep in mind that a large part of why it looked strange was just that the pillows looked odd because they weren't the shams, plus there was no headboard. But, I just couldn't get past it.

So, I went and got a bed frame (and side tables, lamps, a dresser, and moved our TV in). Building the bed was quite a task, but I think it looks much much better! It looks more airy and less chunky, and just more finished overall. I fell in love with these little lamps because they remind me of the Pixar guy. I feel like he's ready to jump in bed at any moment and take a nap, haha. 

Here's a shot of the dresser. I'm thinking about doing some sort of fabric or paper treatment to the drawer fronts, or maybe just adding some cute knobs. Thoughts?

The vanity under the window still sticks out as having such a different finish, but it'll be redone eventually.

Not much has changed in the bathroom, just a few little touches.

Like my favorite watercolor sea creatures!!

The loft is still the biggest work in progress. The rug you see here is from West Elm, but I think I'm going to return it. There's just too much darkness and not enough color. The couch we're having reupholstered will add a good bit of green, but I still think we need to bring some more color in with the rug.

In the guest room we added a bed, a rug, a dresser, a desk, and night stands.

Here's my crafting/sewing table. Those Picasso sketches will be hung right over the desk.

This guy will be hung soon :)

It feels so much more like our house with every step! It's funny to think that painting made it feel so much closer when really we were still SO far away. Now we're actually on the home stretch.

So, what do you think? Keep the grey West Elm rug or return it? What should I do to dress up our dresser? Was it a good choice to nix the bed skirt?

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