Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hanger Up

I saw tons of cute wedding day hangers on Pinterest and planned on buying one from Etsy for the big day. After I thought about it for a while, I realized I could probably just make one myself. I searched around on Etsy for some inspiration, and it helped me see what I should do...

And maybe what I should try and avoid. This one has some crazy weird "m"s and an "n" that I wanted to avoid replicating. Getting too loopy makes the wording kind of illegible, so I wanted to keep my letters nice and crisp.

I got some thick gauge wire from Michaels and a wooden hanger from Target.

Some tutorials I saw said to write it out what you're spelling on a piece of paper and try to bend the wire according to that to help keep the size consistent, but I just decided to free hand it because I thought it would be easier. Here goes the beginning of my my M....

Mrs. B...

Mrs. Bohne <3

It wasn't so bad! The hardest part was figuring out my stroke order (for lack of a better word) so that I didn't get stuck with the wire being in one spot and needing to go in a completely different direction for the next letter. For instance, when I'm writing Bohne on a piece of paper and I'm finished writing the "B" and I'm going to the "o," I don't normally write the "o" counter clockwise from the bottom, but that's what was easiest for the wire to do.

Next up I drilled two holes that were the size of my wire on each underside of the hanger.

I had lots of excess wire on each side of my writing, so I centered my writing, bent the wire upwards where the holes were, and cut off all of the excess except about half an inch.

I tried putting some hot glue down in the hole so I could then push my wire in, but some how it managed to dry before I could do it. So, I ended up having to put an enormous glob all around and on top of the hole, and then push my wire in.

Once it was dry, I peeled off the excess, and my wire was nice and secure.

Lastly, I tied on some teal and sheer white ribbon to add some color!

This was a pretty quick and easy project and I'm super excited to use it for my wedding dress in just SIXTEEN days!


  1. It turned out SO well! I'm impressed. That looks really hard!