Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Assembly Required

Two totally different projects, both of which required that I get off my recently lazy behind and put them together. First up...

finally got around to doing something with the recipe art I designed back in November. November?! Yeah. Remember these guys?

I initially planned to print them out at Kinkos, so I created a single document that included a part of each of the recipes. I got that document printed at Kinkos so I could check and see what the colors would look like before I committed to printing all of them. To my horror, they all came out wrong. They were much more dull and drab than I intended which made them pretty sad looking. The person at Kinkos explained that when you look at things on your computer, you see the colors in RBG, and when they're printed, the printer uses CMYK. Now, I don't pretend to fully understand this (or really even understand it at all), but the point is that you need to look at the colors in CMYK so you'll have a better idea of what they'll look like in the printed form. 

The problem is... I can't convert my view to CMYK. I use Photoshop Elements which cost me about $100, versus the full real-deal Photoshop CS6 which costs about $700. Unfortunately, the CMYK conversion option only exists in CS6, so I was out of luck. This discouraged me for about 3 seconds, and then I decided to try printing them out on my own printer.

What I found was that the colors were still really off, but rather than being drab looking, they were just too far on one color spectrum. For example, my scalloped potatoes recipe came out really blue rather than aqua, so I went back into my Photoshop file and made the color on the computer much more green. Even though it looked all wrong on my screen, it printed out just right. After a few trial and error runs with each of my recipes, I got them where I wanted them and printed them out.

I got 7 frames from Michaels (actually, the same ones I used for my watercolor maps, but in a smaller size) that were 40% off and framed them up! I decided to hang 5 of the 7 on the column-like thing we have between the kitchen and the living room, and the other 2 to the right of  the laundry door. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that we finally got some patio furniture! It took me months and months to figure out what I wanted. For a while I thought we'd get an outdoor sectional, but then I realized I didn't want any cushions because it would mean lots of covering and uncovering. And of course, John had no opinion. All I got was "That sounds good... That looks good." 

In the end, I knew I wanted something we could lounge on but also a table we could eat at if we cooked out or had people over. The trickiest part was finding enough furniture to fit our needs while still physically fitting on our small patio. I decided on two Adirondack chairs and a dining table with four chairs. The table has two leaves so we can always extend it if we have a big gathering, and all we'd have to do is turn it sideways :)

The table came from Ikea, and the rest came from World Market. That place is seriously my favorite. Good quality for not a lotta dough.


I also planted some vines and they're actually growing! Please keep your fingers (and toes) crossed that I don't kill them. I literally reached my hand out to pat the little guy and I snapped him in half. I kid you not. I have fingers of death.

If my vine somehow lives through being snapped in two... the theory is that he'll look like this:

It's called cardinal or cypress vine and it's supposed to be super resilient. I'm not sure if any level of resiliency can withstand my death fingers... but we can hope. If the little guy grows and flowers I think it'll be a nice addition to our trellises!

Have you assembled anything lately? New furniture? New art? Two pieces of vine back into one?

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