Friday, June 21, 2013

The Big Apple

When I was young, my mom worked as foreign business consultant (taking local businesses across the world to help them expand their reach) and I was lucky enough to go to an elementary and middle school that allowed me to take days or weeks off to go along with her. I got to visit Japan, Puerto Rico, France, Sweden, Australia, and some states in the US all before I went to high school, but sadly my overseas trips came to a screeching halt when I entered a public high school and wasn't able to go on worldly adventures whenever I felt like it.

So, for the past 8 years or so, I've been somewhat landlocked. I'm fortunate that my dad's family still lives in Hawaii (where he grew up), which has given me an excuse to go there, because I'm sure I would have never been if it wasn't to visit them. Other than those trips though, I haven't really been anywhere since middle school, which feels like eons ago. John and I went to Vancouver for a couple of days a few summers ago which was the first taste of a new place I had had in a while.

John's family goes on a family trip each summer to different places around the world. Sometimes they do low-key trips to a beach house or lake house somewhere in Texas, and other summers they go on cruises through the Baltic sea or to a house in Italy. Now that I'm a part of the family I get to benefit from this wonderful family tradition! This summer his grandparents decided to take all 12 of us to one of their favorite places: NYC.

Both of his grandparents love New York City, but his grandmother has some sort of deeply rooted, head-over-heels-enamored kind of love for it. As you'll see in some of the pictures, she truly is like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to NYC. Specifically, she loves Times Square. Can't get enough. It was the sweetest thing to watch her just look up and around and soak it all in. We stayed right on Times Square and it was a truly amazing thing to have it be equally as bright at night as it was during the day from all of the lights.

We started off each morning at a diner near the hotel. I got a bagel every single day. No regrets!

I loved seeing the blue skies above the tall shiny buildings.

Grandad taking it all in.

And BOY was it windy!

John's Pizzeria, where we ate 3 times, including for John's birthday.

We saw Lady Liberty on a boat cruise around the island.

Grandad loves the subway and would ride it just for the experience.

Washington Park.

Gorgeous brownstones in Greenwich Village.

Dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History.

Central Park on a gorgeous day!

Brooklyn shops.

Awesome succulents in bricks at the Brooklyn flea market. I wanted to buy one SO badly but knew TSA wouldn't want me attacking anyone with cactus spines on the plane. Future DIY project?

Lunch options at the Brooklyn flea market.

The view from the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge.
All in all it was a wonderful trip. A different part of my body may have hurt each day from being a wimp walking so much, but it was well worth it! We got to go to so many great places and spend tons of time together. Can't wait for next year :)

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