Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Knob Job

One of the things left to do in the kitchen is to add hardware to the cabinets and drawers. Similar to my struggle to find knobs for my vanity, all of the ones I liked were mucho expensive-o from Anthropologie, and since I'll need 12 (possibly 14, if I want to install them on the faux-drawers under the sink), expensive is not the route I wanted to take. I found some I liked from World Market that were much less expensive and nearly identical to the Anthro ones, but the hardware was brass and they had a pice of metal on the front that was not only too busy for my taste, it was actually sharp. Yikes.

I realized that the knob could be totally dismantled, which meant I could remove the piece on the front to quiet it down a little.

To solve the color issue, I decided to spray paint them. I figured that the part of the knob that will be touched the most is the glass, so the sprayed parts should hold their finish for a while. Plus, I can always re-spray them or invest in nicer ones down the line if need be. The first step, and by far the most time-consuming, was to dismantle all 14 knobs, which required unscrewing two tiny nuts from each knob.

After taking them apart, I sanded them a little with some medium-fine sandpaper (150 grit, I think) to help the spray paint stick. I was nervous that if I sprayed the long bolt-like piece that goes through the middle of all of the other pieces, the spray paint would gunk up the threads and I wouldn't be able to get the nuts back on. Since I didn't actually need the body of the bolts to be sprayed, just the heads, I decided I should cover them up. The easiest solution I could think of was to punch holes in a cardboard box just big enough for the body of the bolts to slide into to block the spray.

Since the end of the bolts nearest the head will just have the glass over them, which doesn't screw on but rather slides on, I figured it would be ok for that part to get sprayed (which is why you see so much sticking up). I also set out the little pieces that go between the glass and the drawers/cabinets. After two coats, they looked pretty convincing!

After they dried, I reassembled them, and they've been sitting in the garage ever since. Now I just need to work up the nerve to drill holes through my (nearly) freshly painted cabinetry. Seeing as how I did this step of the process nearly 4 months ago, it's pretty clear I'm apprehensive about what comes next.

Luckily, the leftover cabinets from the kitchen that are now hung in the garage can be my guinea pigs. That is, if I can even work the nerve up to drill a hole through them. I don't want lots of ugly test-dummies filling the garage!

Have any of you installed hardware where there was none before? Do you have any suggestions on how to do it best?


  1. Hi! I'm relatively new to blog world and stumbled across your blog. My blog name is almost the same as yours. We recently bought our house and just got married too! You should check it out

    BTW- I love the idea of painting the hardware on those knobs. I cant wait to see what they look like installed.

    1. How funny! I just read a few of your posts and I'm looking forward to reading more tomorrow! How long ago did you get married?