Sunday, July 14, 2013

Flower Power

Oh gosh. Long time no see, guys. Sorry about that... there have been some fairly large life developments lately that have totally put projects and blogging on the back burner. I'm totally swamped, but in a good way, so hopefully in the next few weeks I'll write up a little summary of what's been going on. I'm pretty excited about the direction things are going, so hopefully you'll be interested to hear about it!

With that said.... our living room is nearly finished. We spend the majority of the time we're home sitting on our couch chatting, doing things on our computers, reading, watching TV, etc., so it's been nice to have it 90% of the way for so long. What's lacking are some curtains, a clock, and much needed art over the couch. That big, open wall just feels so expansive and bare.

Some of you may remember that when we were tearing out the tile floors back in January, John commented on the "museum lights" in the living room and wondered what kind of museum-quality art would be hung under them.

Sorry to disappoint, but the Mona Lisa will not be making an appearance. Instead, I found three canvases from World Market (the place where all good things come from). Generally speaking, I wouldn't say my style is all that floral or girly, but I do love flowers and I was very ready to get some art on the walls. While the first and second ones could get a little too feminine for my taste, I love the third one and figured I could make it the focal point to calm down some of the flower power.

These pieces were more than I was willing to spend, but when I got an email that all of their art was 40% off and I had an additional 10% off from being a member, I figured I wasn't going to find a better deal. I dropped by and bought them, then got home and set them inside. Then a few days went by.... then a week... then a month. Yep, it wasn't till around the 45 day mark that I finally worked up the energy to hang them. And let's be honest... my real motivator was that I was tired of worrying about Roomba smacking into them while he did his cleaning route.

One night I got John to help me hang them up. I knew I wanted two screws per canvas, so I found the center of where I wanted them hung and screwed my screws in 6" apart. I did a tape trick I learned from John & Sherry where you make a little shelf out of painter's tape to catch the drywall dust that falls when you screw things in.

What made this kind of tricky was that the two floral paintings were square, while the artichokey-succulent one was rectangular and taller than the other two. I wanted the bottom of the canvases to be flush which meant that I needed to hang the top of the square ones lower than the top of the rectangular ones.

I just measured the difference in their height, dropped down from the first screws by that amount, measured how far over I wanted to go, had John hold the laser, and screwed them in. Really, the toughest part of this process was that the couch was in the way and we didn't want to move it because it has three interlocking parts and rubber non-slick pads to keep it in place. It was a pain getting it there the first time and we didn't want to deal with that again.

Luckily, my measurements were decently on target and the bottoms were pretty much level.

To hang the last one, we just shot the laser level over from the right set of screws and put in two more. Boom. Done. And thanks to the tape shelves, there was no cleanup necessary.

Isn't it so much more cheerful with something on the walls? I love having some red and yellowish greens in there to pull in the warm colors from the kitchen, because the living room has been feeling a little too cold for my taste.

I have to say that my favorite thing is that all three paintings have some metallic gold accents in them, and when they catch the light the glimmer just a little bit.

Ahh. We are near completion! Shall we call it 92% done now? Next I have to work up the nerve to hang the curtain rods which is going to be quite a challenge if I don't move the couch. High ceilings are awesome until you have to climb on a latter to get to the top of them! Does anyone have a trick on how to get a ladder over the couch? I've been dragging my heels on these curtains for way. too. long. Thinking about it makes me realize that I don't even have curtains to hang... just the rods. I guess I should look into that before I get too far into the process! That's the thing with high ceilings, though, is that you usually have to order longer length curtains online rather than being able to pick them up in stores. Darn you shipping and then inevitably hating them once they come in!


  1. I love your living room! The pictures over the couch really do make a huge difference. I really like how you chose 3 very different pictures. I would have never thought to do that, but it looks awesome. Can't wait to see it with curtains.

    1. Thanks! I've felt guilty about not posting as much as I had been... glad to know people are still reading :) Or, at least, one person. Haha.