Thursday, January 15, 2015

Imitation is...

...the sincerest form of flattery, right? Today, I bring to you DIY earrings. Making my own jewelry is a fairly common theme here, between my chalcedony and pearl wedding earrings, pearl and gold wedding necklace, copycat crystal earrings, and my "magical" metal clay earrings. As usual, I had a very direct source of inspiration. In this case, a gorgeous pair of earrings from Anthropologie, which cost $218. Whaaat?! 

Since I couldn't come close to justifying spending that much money, I decided to make them myself. I headed to Nomadic Notions to get my supplies, just to find that they've permanently closed. Cue a moment of panic, because the next closest legitimate bead store was across town. Luckily, their website said that some of the employees from Nomadic Notions decided to open their own shop just a couple of blocks away, so I went there instead. The Bead Stash is still building their inventory, but they're off to a great start!

My supplies were very similar to the original earrings, with the exception of the clear stone: 
  • 2 coin pearls
  • 14 mint beads
  • 2 gold head pins
  • 2 leverback earrings 
  • Gold (brass) wire -- 24 gauge
I too often ask for forgiveness on my picture quality... but here I am asking again. It was super dark when I made these, and I only usually only had one hand to snap pictures since I was holding the earring with my other hand. You don't mind too much, right?

First, I put the pearl on the head pin and bent the top over to make a loop (which would later be hooked onto the earring). Next, I took my wire and began wrapping it around the head pin above the pearl to create a starting point.

Then, I made my first and smallest loop (slightly larger than the pearl), and then wrapped the wire around the top to secure it.

Please forgive my lack of documentation of the next steps... total blogging fail :( I continued to make larger and larger loops following the same steps, plus adding beads to the second smallest loop. After the loops were added, I wrapped the wire around the tops of the loops and pearl. Ta da!

Repeat, and voila.

I made these for a couple ladies in my family and changed the size according to their preferences. The pair above were for John's grandmother, who typically wears small-ish earrings. The pair below are ones I made for myself, which are a good bit larger. To make them bigger, I spaced the loops farther apart, but you could also add additional loops if you wanted.


The best part? They were significantly less than the $218 Anthro was charging. In fact, you could consider them 95% off, and way more special!

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