Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Fresh Coat

And now, for the moment we've all I've been waiting for. The painters have arrived and they've totally overhauled our walls. It's extremely exciting. Let me warn you now, this post is going to be picture heavy, and not to disappoint, but it doesn't even have the "after" pictures. The painters have been at it for a while (they started 8 days ago ) and they still have a day or two left. I promise that as soon as they're done I'll share! Let's face it, I'll be way too excited not to immediately post about it. 

Now for some before pictures, in case the plethora I've posted previously isn't enough to jog your memory :)

The laundry room/pantry.

The kitchen. (We moved the table in here to give them a little more room in the living room.)

The dining room.

The living room.

The half bath.

The entryway.

The stairs (going up).

The stairs (going down).

The master bedroom.

The master bathroom.

The upstairs hall and loft.

The guest room.

The guest bath.

The first step was for them to fill in all joints between the old and new drywall. 

After that, they smoothed out/filled in the existing texture around the joints. They just used a wide putty knife and spread spackling paste around so the new texture would have a flat surface to bond to.

They did this anywhere there were issues with the wall. The main areas were the bathrooms where the old mirrors had been ripped off the wall. There were bald spots where the old adhesive had been, so they smoothed them out the same way they did in the kitchen.

They did the same along the ceiling in the loft where a crack had formed. The crack was just where two pieces of drywall met and weren't well joined.

Next they put plastic everywhere (and I do mean everywhere) to protect things from the spray texture.

Then, they sprayed.

Here's the spot on the ceiling in the dining room where the light fixture used to be.

The half bath.

They had a crazy plastic contraption in the master bedroom to protect the ceilings from the spray when they did the pocket door.

Here's where the old towel bar resided in the master bath... who knew taking 4 screws out would require such a large repair!

The ceiling in the loft.

The guest bath.

Next up... something very exciting. They primed the kitchen cabinets! I nearly died when I came home to their beautiful white selves. This may have just been one coat of extremely streaky primer, but it was a big moment.

Doesn't it look so much cleaner?!

And the master bath ones...

The half bath and guest bath cabinets got a makeover too, although I don't have a picture of those for some reason.

Next was to start priming. Our painter, Ben, warned me that it would be impossible to match the ceiling color perfectly, but that he'd do his best. I was a little nervous when they started painting because it was pretty clearly different, but I tried to keep in mind that it would look different when it dried.

Spoiler: now that the paint's dry, you can't even tell anything ever happened. My new favorite word: magic.

Next was priming the walls. Let me tell you, it wasn't pretty.

Yuck. This was not exciting to come home to. I knew it was just an intermediary step, but it felt like 30 steps backwards. 

The other thing Ben had to do was to paint the edges of the ceiling. The previous painter (who I'm assuming was the previous owner) didn't contain the wall color well, so we had a lot of putrid yellow and brownish purple on our ceilings.

After that, Ben started "cutting in," meaning doing the edges by hand. Here's a little preview of the master!

He also cut in around all the tricky areas like behind the stair rail, around outlets, and along the baseboards.

Then they started getting paint on the walls. Coming home to this sight was pretty exciting... it was like old, dirty, and dated on the left... new, clean, and modern on the right. E.x.c.i.t.i.n.g.

Last for this little preview... a change in the guest room wall color. I was never really happy with the colors I had found. The one on the top was a little too green and way too dark. The one on the middle left was too blue and juvenile. The one on the right was really washed out and pale looking. The one on the bottom left was too green. The strangest thing was that even though the left two were pretty saturated, they also felt really washed out. I don't think my art vocabulary is wide enough to explain it well, but they all seemed chalky despite being very saturated.  

So, Ben gave me his paint deck and I found the two best options.

Luckily, these were much better. Not too blue, not too green. It just came down to which shade, and I'm sure that if you know me, you know which one I chose. Lefty. Yes, it's a lot of color, but the majority of the house is very neutral and I just couldn't pass up the chance to have this gorgeous color. I'm just powerless in the face of a nice shade of teal, and we'll have plenty of light accents to balance it out.

It's possible that they'll be done painting tomorrow... are you excited? Because I am. I'm also inexplicably happy that we didn't try and tackle this ourselves. Filling the joints and texturing would have been damn near impossible, and painting would have taken us a decade. It's taken 3 professional painters and their fancy equipment 8 full days, so there is no possible way we would have had this done until like August between having jobs and a wedding to plan. Plus I'm 100% sure we would have gone and bought rollers and drop cloths and all the necessary stuff just to get disheartened a room or two into it and had to hire a professional. Disheartening avoided!

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