Thursday, September 12, 2013


John and his brother, Lee, went to Columbus to see USA play Mexico earlier this week. Go team! We won... 2-0... or so I hear. Look! John's famous!

There is nothing I could ever do to get such an enthusiastic reaction out of him. This joy is saved purely for sports.

Anyway, back to business. I've had a small collection of frames and plates that I've been wanting to hang, and I finally got around to it when he was out of town because I didn't feel like sitting around on the couch. I had two plates (both from Crate and Barrel), two mementos from our trip to NYC, and a picture I took a few years ago in Hawaii of the sky through some treetops. 

I was deciding between these two arrangements, and I ended up with the top one. To make sure I hung everything in the right spot, I set them all on some paper and outlined each one of them. Then, I hung up the paper and put the screws and nails in their appropriate places (sorry these pictures are so grainy... it was dark and I was trying to avoid using my flash).

Then I hung everything up!

Here's the living room as it currently stands...

I couldn't get a good picture of them straight on because the windows that are on the opposite wall made some crazy reflections. The square frame on the top right has a map of NYC cut into an apple, the frame on the bottom left has a postcard drawing of NYC, and the white frame is the picture of the treetops.

It's kind of hard to see the treetops picture above... here's the original. It's one of my favorites that I've ever taken because it sort of reminds me of snowflakes.

So, what have yall been up to lately? Hanging any art? We bought a really large print to hang up... hopefully we'll do that in the next few weeks and help round out one of our barest looking rooms. Can you guess which room it is? I feel like it's the sore thumb of the house, so hopefully the new print will liven it up a little!


  1. Love, love the collection and how you arranged it!!

    ok...thinking about that white chair at the landing of the stairs. Move it to the corner of the rug and angle it..see how that looks! Just a thought! Not sure if the floor lamp will look on other end...cant see!