Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I've really been wanting to hang up an inspiration board to fill up some empty wall space in the office/loft, and I've finally gotten around to doing it! 

I found a "canvas wrapped" cork board, meaning the cork was like a thin fabric that was wrapped around a wooden frame. It came from JoAnn's and I got to use my 40% off coupon from their mobile app.

After I knew what the dimensions of the board would be, I went on a fabric search. I wanted something that had color and a bold pattern. JoAnn's let me down, and I didn't like anything at Interior Fabrics which is where I got the fabric to recover our couch. They have gorgeous fabrics, but they're more suited for furniture upholstery than what I was looking for. After a quick Google search, I found Bolt Fabrics which had the exact options I was hoping for.

The first one I saw was this white and navy one. I loved the pattern, but I wish the colors were reversed so there was less white.

I loved this non-traditional chevron one.

I really wanted something yellow, so this one satisfied that need.

In the end, I decided to go with the second one. While it wasn't as colorful as I was hoping for, the pattern was my favorite. I also decided to get some brass brads to add some warmth and detail (more on that in a little while).

First up was to gather my supplies. I got the cork board, screws and anchors to hang it from, my fabric, decorative brads, a nail gun, and a mallet to put in the brads.

After centering my fabric so the pattern lay the way I wanted it to, I flipped it over and started nailing with the same methodology I used when I recovered my vanity stool.

It was quick work, and after I finished all four sides I trimmed the excess fabric and cut small indentions where the holes for the screws were (see them on the top left and right sides?).

Next, I laid out my brads in the carpet with an inch between each of them.

When it came time to put the first one in, I realized I could just push them in rather than using my mallet because the sides of the cork board were nice and soft.

Ta da!

There's still tons of empty space over the couch... but this is definite progress! Also, you may see our new iMac on the desk. I spend a huge amount of time on the computer working as a realtor, so a nice big screen and tons of storage space for all my pictures was a must.

And now, for Brad's close up. See how much brightness they add to the navy?

Next was the fun part: picking my inspiration! I chose a lot of quotes I had pinned recently and put them in some of my favorite fonts. I also included a picture of Kauai, which is where we plan to honeymoon this winter, and a super cute puppy... because hopefully we have one of those in our future. 

If you're wondering what's cut off on the bottom left, it's a paper I got to announce a scholarship I won at work for a really big real estate convention we have coming up. I found it in my mailbox this morning and I'm ecstatic! I can't wait to go and learn as much as I can.

So, what inspires you? Do you put inspirational things on a board, or somewhere else?


  1. Thanks for mentioning Bolt Fabrics. I love your inspiration board, and I love seeing your home take shape. Best of luck, Susan Durso, Owner, Bolt Fabrics

    1. Thank you! I was SO pleasantly surprised when I walked into Bolt--I loved everything in your store!