Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Welcome Committee

One last thing we did to get the house ready for our BBQ party was to finally get some furniture in the entryway. I slapped down a rug a while back because I couldn't stand to look at an area that had nothing in it, but let's be honest. It's been pretty sad looking. And what's worse, this empty space is what guests took in as their first impression of our house. Womp womp.

Behold my laziness evinced by the fold marks in the rug that I didn't bother to get out.

Back in January/February/March when I was looking for furniture for the house, I had a long list of things I would search for on Craigslist each day. One item on the list was a mirror, and I found one I loved. It seemed really over-priced, but when I met the lady and saw it in person I realized that it was because it was way bigger than I realized. In the picture it looked like it was about 2.5' tall which would be the right size for the half bathroom. In reality, it was 4' tall. Four feet! I loved it, so I got it (and even negotiated her down a little which made it a great deal, given its size), and it has sat around waiting to be hung since January. We are now in October (in case you weren't aware).

In my defense, I knew I wanted to hang the mirror in the entryway, but I didn't have a console table to put under it and I didn't want it just randomly floating. I spent months searching for a console table, and in case that sounds like an exaggeration, it isn't. I was actively looking every day on Craigslist for about 3 months, and then after we got married I'd look from time to time, but I couldn't find anything that was narrow enough to fit our small entryway. So I gave up.

Once it was time to have people over, I decided to give it one last shot, and BAM. Found it on the first try. Craigslist is a beautiful thing, guys. Not only is it narrow enough to fit, it has a feminine shape that goes well with the mirror. If that wasn't a clear enough sign from the universe, it also has teal accents.

I don't totally love the other finish on it, so I'm currently debating how to tackle that. It has a weird white-washed finish but then it looks like they went back and did a dry brush application of a dark brown paint or stain in the grooves. It's a little strange, and in person it just makes it look kind of dirty. I think I want to do a heavier white wash over it to lighten it up but not completely cover it. Theoretically, it would mainly cover the recessed areas which is where the dark stain is, and you'd still be able to see the current finish on the highest areas.

You can sort of see in the picture below that the top is nice and clean looking, but the legs have a lot of the darker stain on them which makes it look kinda grungy.

Another small addition was to hang up some vintage postcards we got at a flea market in NYC back in June. It was as easy as that :)

Wahoo for a much more finished entryway than we started with! So what do you think? What else should I add? I love having the mirror at the bottom of the stairs because it's like a last-minite outfit/hair check before heading out the door. That is, except for when I go to the gym at 7am and it's pitch black and I can't see myself. Although I probably don't want to know what I look like at that time anyway... amIright?

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