Thursday, May 22, 2014

Come. Sit. Play.

Olive's birthday party didn't quite warrant printing out and mailing invitations, so instead I made a Facebook event and DIYed an "invitation" that was posted to the page. Oh Photoshop, what would I do without you?

First I chose a picture of Olive to include on the invite.

Next, I cut her body out (and fudged her paws a little), and applied a watercolor filter.

After that, I started typing. I found some dog birthday party invitations on Pinterest that said "Come, sit, stay" but I felt a little weird instructing humans to "stay," so I went with play instead. The font is Debonair Inline, from

I used Janda Elegant Handwriting (also from for some of the details, alternating with more Debonair Inline.

I knew I wanted a "2" somewhere, since Olive was turning two. My first idea was to do it in the background, but because of where Olive's picture was located, it looked a little top heavy.

Instead, I decided to add some balloons which I did by making lots of semi-opaque ovals, and tied those to the number two.

And voila!

Is anyone else as obsessed with Photoshop as I am? I have no idea how I would run my business (let alone my dog's very, very important birthday parties) without it.

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