Thursday, June 19, 2014

Holy Union

I always liked the light fixture that was installed in our dining room when we bought our house. It felt fun and interesting... but then two things happened. 1. We painted the walls yellow which made the little votives look kind of dirty in comparison, and 2. the bulbs started burning out, and it turns out they cost $9 a piece. I've already spent $27 replacing bulbs, and I'm sure the other ones are close to burning out as well, so I figured I'd cut my losses and get something new.

Shall we pay our respects with a throwback to this hilarious moment?

Moving on. I've been on the lookout for the perfect fixture for the past 6 months or so, and finally, this guy went on sale at Crate & Barrel.

The mighty Union Pendant was still a little more than I wanted to spend, so lucky me that I got to buy the floor sample for an additional 15% off. I used the last of our wedding gift card money and paid the balance out of pocket which felt very weird, since we've shopped for "free" at Crate & Barrel for over a year now!

Had I hung the fixture exactly as it came, it would have nearly sat on the floor because the chain was so long. Typically, you just remove extra lengths to shorten it up, but the wonderful people at Crate & Barrel had soldered every. single. chain. link. together. This meant that I had to saw through the links and then bend them apart, which added an additional hour or so to the process. I'm a little nervous that I now have little metal filings embedded in my skin from all the sawing, which I only know is something to be concerned about because when you go to get an MRI, they ask you if there's a possibility of having metal shavings in your body. I guess because the magnet would pull them out  (the M of MRI stands for magnetic)? Yikes. Fingers crossed I don't ever have to find out.

Anyway, onto the fun part. Let's install this baby! I don't have very many pictures of the installation process because holy cow are light fixtures heavy, which makes balancing on a ladder and snapping pictures a bit tricky. 

Step 1. Turn off power to the fixture
Step 2. Remove the fixture (de-couple the fixture's wires from the ceiling wires)

Step 3. Install the new fixture (re-couple the fixture's wires with the ceiling wires, being sure to match black to black, white to white, and copper to copper)

Step 4. Have sore arms for 5 days from holding the fixture up for so long. Oh, and marvel at your work.

The old one is sitting in the garage waiting for me to Craigslist it. Know anyone that wants an inexpensive light fixture with semi-expensive bulbs?

Now I have this pretty view when I come down the stairs. It's nice and substantial feeling without being bulky, and it only has one bulb! 

The one that's in there is the one that came with it, but I think I may switch it out for an Edison bulb. Any suggestions on where to get them? Good deals? Cool shapes? I've never bought one before so I'm not "in the know."

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