Sunday, February 3, 2013

On a Roll

The paint is finally done! It took the painters 8 and a half days, and it looks fantastic if I do say so myself. Shall we get on to the after pictures? Let's start in the laundry room, with old pictures on the top, and new pictures on the bottom. It may be more obvious in some pictures and less obvious in others, but check out how clean and white the trim and doors are compared to the old nasty trim and doors :)

The kitchen. The tile on the floor looks so much better now that the walls and cabinets aren't beige! Keep in mind the red and unpainted areas on the backsplash will be covered in tile in a few weeks :)

Here's a shot of the ceiling after the light fixture got moved, the hole got patched, textured, and painted (the rectangular hole on the right is where the vent cover goes--I just need to put it back on). You can't even tell that the light used to hang half way between where it is now and the vent hole, right?! Magic.

The dining room. I decided to remove the blinds since I'm going to put curtains up anyway. They really obstructed the view and the light when they were lowered, even if they were tilted open. Taking them down makes it look so much more open and clean!

The living room.

The half bath.

The entryway. Look at the bottom right corner of the door... no more dirty dog spot!

The stairs (going up).

The stairs (going down).

The master bedroom. All of the walls look like a different shade in each of the pictures because of how the light falls on them... the one below is the closest to reality.

You get a little sneak preview of the guest room at the end of the hall in this shot :)

The master bath. Some day I'd like to paint horizontal stripes with a shade darker of grey to add some contrast... some day.

The loft. This picture makes the three walls on the right look different shades because of the way the light hits them, but they're all actually the same.

And now for the guest room :)

The color we ended up with is so much better than any of these original swatches!

The guest bath.

This shot of the doors is one of my favorites because it showcases how dingy the old colors were. It's so much fresher and cleaner now!!

We've done a lot of transformative things, but nothing has had as large of an impact as painting the walls. It feels like we have a completely new and clean house. Everything is more cheerful and modern looking, rather than being earthy in a dark and dingy sort of way.

It's hard to believe that just 2 months after we got the keys so much progress has happened! I've updated the door knobs, changed out the light switches, done tons of quick fixes, taken the kitchen cabinets down, power washed, changed out the faucets, rebuilt a workbench, removed the kitchen backsplash, updated the light fixtures and pendant light, replaced the tile floors, had a pocket door put in, had our handyman make some changes, framed in our master bathroom mirror, and now finally the painting, plus lots of crafts in between. Can you believe it?! Because I hardly can.

We're getting new carpet later this week and the backsplash will be put in later this month. Want to know what's after that? Moving our stuff in!!! It's finally started to set in that we're actually going to live there. It still feels very surreal... I just can't believe that it's actually our home.

And don't worry (because I know you're worried...), once we do the carpet and backsplash, it's not like I'll be out of projects. There will be plenty more to do, and you can check out my to do list if you're interested in what I have planned. Mainly it'll be some small upgrades for functionality, some carpentry for decoration, and some quick aesthetic fixes. Plus, of course, plenty of crafts and tons and tons of updating on how we'll furnish and decorate :)


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The grey in the living room/entryway is amazing. It makes your floors look beautiful! Also, I was skeptical about the yellow kitchen and I'm totally obsessed!

    1. Haha, you always seem to be skeptical about my plans! Glad you're on board :) And thank you! I'm so excited... I could just stare at it all day long.