Thursday, October 3, 2013

25 Frames

My latest dilemma has been where to hang pictures of ourselves. There are tons of wedding pictures and pictures from other events that I want to display, but I don't want our house to look like the Museum de Claire et John. I just have visions of people coming in and seeing us left and right, high and low. That would be weird. 

My friend Amanda mentioned that they hang most of their pictures of themselves in their bedroom, because she sees that as being their space. That makes total sense to me. When we're in our room, we can look at pictures of ourselves. So, that has been my plan for a while, and worked out perfectly because our bedroom wall has been begging for something to be hung on it.

See, the wall was begging.

After I figured out what I was going to do, it took me forever to actually hang anything because it turns out that frames are ex.pen.sive. and are not all created equally. Luckily, we had gift card money leftover from the wedding that helped fund most of the 25 (twenty five!) frames I needed to do this project. 

Target has super cute frames. Who knew? Between Nate Berkus and Threshold, they have it going on. Anyway, as to what to put in them, I just chose our favorite pictures. I was planning to hang a big, kind of "central" picture over each of our nightstands, and then float other, smaller frames around those. I wanted to do a few quotes, some pictures of us, and then pictures of people and things we love. I picked mine out and then tried to get John to pick his out, but he basically has no opinion on anything (read: I chose all of his for him, less two). 

As far as the quotes, I printed out part of our vows and made one version for my side, one version for his. 

I also included a quote by Albert Einstein that I love. It helps us remember that we're both good at different things, and that that's a good thing :)

The last piece was something I made John for Valentine's Day (inspired by YHL) that's been sitting in a frame on his nightstand.

First up was to put pictures in frames and get them organized. The guest room bed has been taken over by this for the past two months or so because I was adding adding adding. My collection is on the left, John's is on the right.

After I got them organized the way I wanted them, I transferred them to some cheap wrapping paper. I used the same method as when I hung the frames in our living room, where I traced the frames and then marked where their nail needed to go.

Next, I transferred the paper to the wall and taped it up where I wanted it.

I used medium-sized finishing nails for most of them, and a larger finishing nail for the two biggest frames.

I'm kinda bummed looking back, because I like John's side a lot more since it's not quite as linear and has more height to it. Hindsight is 20/20, right? I can always add and move things around, but for now I'm fine with it. 

My side has our vows, pictures of us, my grandparents, my parents, my bridesmaids, and my sorority sisters.

John's side has our vows and the quotes I made him, plus pictures of us, his groomsmen, his parents, his brother and sister-in-law, his grandparents, and me. The pictures of me are the only thing he would decide on, so I'll take it. 

So whatcha think?

I think it's perfectly fair to be just a smidge vain in our own bedroom, right? I just didn't want to line the walls of the rest of the house with pictures of us gazing longingly into each other's eyes smooching... that's just too much.

So, where do you hang pictures of yourself? Because, I must say, when I go to other peoples' houses, I do really like to see pictures of them displayed out and about, so I don't know why it feels so weird to me to have pictures of us out for other people to see. What's your take on it? Maybe just a few, but just not tons?


  1. I LOVE it. Also, our apartment is definitely Museum de Eric et Gina. #noshame The pictures make me happy to see and so I put them anywhere and everywhere. :)

    1. Good for you because I feel like if I came to your place I would totally want to see them all!